Canal Boat Ropes and Fender suppliers

All canal boats need ropes for mooring and for handling the boat safely during cruising.
Some boaters prefer natural fibre ropes such as hemp or cotton lines, others choose from a wide range of artificial fibre ropes. Most boat owners have a bow line and a stern line when cruising but use different ropes for permanent mooring.  Fenders are used to protect the boat, though they can be dangerous if they jam in locks.


  • Nearly all canal boats use fenders for comfort and protection. Tradition working narrowboats had a bow fender made of rope coiled around a core which might be a section of folded motor tyre, and rope stern fenders to protect the rudder.
  • Modern boats frequently also have side fenders to protect the paintwork from being scraped when moored or going through locks. Rubber and plastic fenders are now popular.
  • Single handed boaters often use a single centre line for convenience. See our information about single handed cruising.
  • Tony Lewery explains all about traditional ropework in his Canal Art pages.

Boat Ropes & Fenders

Avon Impact Management,
Marine Fenders
Black Pig Fenders
Spalding, Lincolnshire
Fender maker And rope supplier
Bollin Rigging Co
Suppliers of traditional ropes
Bosun’s Mate
Bespoke Ropes and Lines
Fender Maker Ltd
W. Wales
Fender maker
Great Outdoors
Stoke on Trent
Fenders makers
Jimmy Green Marine
Beer, East Devon
Custom Splicing, Ropes & Chain
Marinox UK
Stourbridge West Midlands
Ropes, Chains and fittings
Mr Splice Rope Company
Rope suppliers & splicing service
Narrow Boat Ropes
Decorative narrowboat ropes
Narrowboat Fenders
Fender maker
Rope Fenders
west Kennet & Avon
Fender maker & ropeworkers
The Boatyard, Hilperton
Hilperton K&A Canal
Fenders & rope
The Fender Boat
Kennet & Avon Canal
Fender maker
The Fenderman
Traditional rope fenders
The Traditional Rope Company
Mail order supplier of natural fibre ropes
Timko Ltd
Rope supplier
Trafalgar Marine Services
New Mills, High Peak
Fender makers, rope suppliers
Union Industries
Hunslet, Leeds. LS10 1AD
Ropes and canvas covers

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