Canal boat safety and security equipment

We list suppliers and installers of canal narrow boat & barge fire, safety & security systems and equipment including detectors, alarms, extinguishers and lifesaving equipment.
Correct safety and fully functioning fire and gas detection equipment is vital in a small enclosed area such as a narrowboat cabin.
The canal environment, mixing water and heavy moving equipment, is one where safe practices are essential and many boaters now see safety training courses as essential.


  • The Boat Safety Scheme requires fire fighting equipment. Boats need adequate ventilation and smoke, gas and CO2 detectors onboard. A few breaths of toxic smoke from a fire is all it takes to render a sleeping person unconscious. See our listing of BSS examiners and advisors.
  • Safety during cruising is important too, many boaters now wear lifejackets, as do all Canal and River Trust employees and volunteers. Even good swimmers should not assume that they could float if they fell in the water, on a number of occasions boaters have been knocked unconscious when they slipped from the boat or lockside. All children and poor swimmers should always wear lifejackets when unsupervised. You can even buy lifejackets for your dog and cat!
  • We have lots of useful advice about safe canal cruising. We also have a listing of Training providers. Many new and experienced boaters find a safety course or refresher useful and confidence building.

Safety & Security

ADEC Marine Limited,
Marine Safety, Lifesaving & Fire fighting equipment
Security Systems
Boat Safety Shop
Boat Safety Scheme related chandlery
Boat Safety Signs at RM Marine
Kings Cliffe
Waterproof BSS labels
Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Gas Alarms for Boats
EESea, Mobile
Boat Security
Fox Fire Protection
Fire Extinguishers Sales/Service
GSM Secure
GSM Security for boats
Guardian UK Ltd
Gas Alarm
Ionic Locks Limited
Fuel locks for boats, locking cabinet/deck latches and padlocks
Lifeaxe Ltd
Emergency glass breaking equipment
Lifejackets UK
Life Jackets and Buoyancy Aids
Metis Products
GPS Boat and caravan security
Nautequipe Marine Supplies Ltd
Hartlebury Worcs
Navigation & Safety Equipment / Steering & Control Systems
Nereus Alarms Ltd
Gas Alarms
Ocean Workshop
Alton, Hampshire
Marine maintenance products
Prestige Protec Systems Ltd
Fire and safety systems
Qtronics Europe Ltd
Gas & CO Detectors
Safewater Alarms Limited
Herne Bay, Kent
Over Board Alarm
Saffire Products Ltd
Fire extinguishers, Suppression systems and Boat safety scheme related equipment
TDP Services Limited
Widnes Cheshire
Fire Equipment, Supply new, service and maintain existing equipment

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