Canal Boat Buyers Guide

What to look for when buying a new or used canal boat

Buying a new or used canal boat, narrowboat or barge is a major purchase and ongoing ownership is a serious commitment of time & money.

  • The more you can plan your purchase the more likely you are to get a boat that suits your needs.
  • You will need to decide how you intend to use your boat, what features and layouts you want it to have, and of course how much you will spend. And don’t forget the ongoing costs of ownership.
  • We have advice about all aspects of buying a new or used canal boat.
  • Plus listings of companies selling new and used canalboats, and surveyors who can help you choose wisely.

Choosing a canal boat

Your boat needs to work in the way you want to use it.

A new or used boat?

Planned canal boat maintenance advice to avoid breakdowns.

Costs of ownership

What it may cost to licence, insure, moor and maintain your boat.

A Surveyor’s Advice

What to look for and buy safely when buying a canalboat.

Canal boat builders

Builders and fitters of canal boats, narrowboats  & barges

Canal boat brokers

Listings of canalboat, narrowboat & barge brokers

Marine surveyors

Marine surveyors specialising in canal & river craft.

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