Canal Boat Services and People

Comprehensive listings of providers of services for canal boat owners

Canal Junction has the most comprehensive listings of UK inland waterway and canal based people and companies offering their services to canal boat owners.

Canal Boat Builders

Canal boat builders & fit outs, major repairs, restoration, refits.

Canal Boat Sales

Canal and inland waterways boats for sale and boat brokerages.

Marine Engineers

Mechanical, maintenance & installation canal engineers.

Marine Electrics

Marine electrical & electronic installation & maintenance.

Heating & Sanitation

Canalboat water, gas, heating & sanitation system services.

Fuel Polishing

Diesel fuel cleaning services & fuel treatment products.

Mobile Repairs

Mobile canalboat repair & maintenance services.

Breakdown & Rescue

Waterway boat breakdown, rescue & recovery services.

Transport & Delivery

Moving and delivering boats by land or by water.

Marine Surveyors

Marine surveyors specialising in inland waterways and canal craft.

BSS Examiners

Boat Safety Scheme examiners & certification.

Canal Skills Training

Canal boat handling & maintenance training providers.

Marine Insurance

Canal marine insurance providers, brokers and consultants.

Safety & Security

Safety & security equipment services for safe boating.

Boat Communications

Installers of mobile TV & communications systems.

Hull & Boat Cleaning

Exterior & interior canal boat cleaning & valeting services.

Narrowboat Painters

Canal boat painters, decorators, grainers & signwriters.

Narrowboat Joinery

Canal boat joinery, woodworking & fitting out services

Insulation Installers

Canal boat insulation installers & specialists.

Wind & Solar Energy

Installers of solar power and wind power systems for canal boats.

Workboats & Barges

Contract canal & river work boats, barges, pontoons, tugs.

Professional Services

Other services including marketing, consultancy, design.

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