Canal Boat Maintenance Guide

Planned canal boat maintenance can help avoid breakdowns

Modern canal boats are complicated machines, a mix of transport & domestic engineering and structural technologies, requiring regular, often specialist, maintenance to avoid expensive breakdowns.

  • It can still be useful & economic for boatowners to understand something about the mechanical, electrical and other systems they depend upon, even if not intending to do their own maintenance.
  • Some trainers provide boat owner maintenance courses, see our listing of Training Providers.
  • We have advice about all aspects of maintaining and caring for your canal boat.
  • Plus we’ve listings of companies offering boat maintenance & repair services & replacement parts.

Boat maintenance

Preventative maintenance to avoid break downs.

Avoiding breakdowns

Common causes of narrowboat and canal boat breakdowns.

Seasonal Care

How to get you boat ready for the Winter, and ready then for Spring!

Extreme Weather

Protecting your boat during storms and flooding.

Diesel Fuels on Canals

Red & white diesel, Biofuels and FAME, HVO and future fuels.

Clean Water on Boats

Keeping a clean, sterile water supply on your boat.

Painting your Boat

So your boat needs painting, Phil Speight offers expert advice.

Electric Boat Motors

Replace your diesel engine with a greener alternative.

Canal boat engineers

Canalboat engineering, repair & maintenance services.

Canal boat chandlers

Canal chandlers offering a wide range of spares and equipment.

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