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Canal and River Boat Equipment Suppliers

Comprehensive listings of parts and equipment suppliers for inland waterways craft

Canal Junction has the most comprehensive listings of suppliers of equipment for canal boats, narrowboats and other inland waterways craft.

Canal Chandlers

Canal and narrow boat chandlers & equipment suppliers.

Cruising Supplies

Things that you need to take with you when you go boating.

Canalware & Art

Painted canalware, ‘roses & castles’, gifts, paintings & crafts.

Marine Engines

Suppliers & reconditioners of canal engines & gearboxes.

Vintage Engines

Reconditioners & parts suppliers for vintage engines & gearboxes.

Fenders & Ropes

Canalboat mooring & handling ropes and fenders.

Marine Electrics

Marine electrical & electronic equipment suppliers.

Boat Communications

Equipment for onboard mobile communications & TV systems.

Heating & Sanitation

Equipment for boat water, gas, heating & sanitation systems.

Furniture & Fixtures

Narrowboat furniture, appliances, furnishings and upholstery.

Narrowboat Fittings

Fitted canalboat equipment such as tanks, windows, doors etc.

Covers & Canopies

Manufacturers & repairers of canal boat covers & canopies.

Insulation Supplies

Suppliers of boat insulation & d.i.y. insulation kits.

Narrowboat Paint

Suppliers of specialist canal & narrowboat paint & materials.

Safety & Security

Suppliers of canal boat & barge safety & security equipment.

Wind & Solar Energy

Suppliers of solar power and wind power systems for canal boats.

Workboats & Barges

Contract canal & river work boats, barges, pontoons, tugs.

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