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Steel narrowboat and canal boat cabins need insulation to keep heat in, to prevent condensation and to keep sound levels down. Insulation can also resist the spread of flames.
Many canal boats have spray foam insulation which normally needs specialist installers, others use slab insulation sheets or loose fillings which can be fitted by boat fitters or owners.

Narrowboat bow

  • In a new boat fit out insulation of canal boat hulls and cabins is usually carried out at an early stage. Insulation is commonly installed below the floors, behind cabin sides, and beneath the boat roof. In this instance sheets of insulating material can be used, or insulating foam which adheres to the boat hull and cabin can be sprayed into position.
  • However insulation can be ‘retrofitted‘ to older boats. Least disturbance of cabins usually involves pumping insulating foam or other materials into the spaces behind the walls, floor and roof.
  • Most DIY boaters would be able to fit panels or sheets of insulating materials. Pumped materials are usually applied by specialist contractors, although DIY kits are available.

Canal narrow boat & barge insulation suppliers & services

Spray Insulations Ltd

Spray Insulations Ltd. Spray Foam Insulation Specialists for Narrowboats, Dutch Barge, Sailing Boats/Yachts. We are known & recommended for our high quality, experience & expertise. For further information Contact us - 01245 473693 or 07958133661.

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