Marine wind and solar systems, suppliers and installers

We list equipment suppliers and installers of solar power and wind power systems for canal boats and narrowboats.  As prices fall alternative sources of energy are becoming increasingly popular on canal boats, as they are on land.

Narrowboat bow

  • Wind and solar energy is free and renewable and frees boatowners are not dependant on mains electricity supplies or noisy generators or running the engine when not cruising.
  • Many canal boats use photovoltaic solar panels or small wind generators to keep batteries charged when the boat is moored and the engine not being run. Increasingly canalboats may use larger arrays of PV solar panels with special power management systems and banks of batteries to supply most energy needs. Inverters are used to provide 230 volt AC for appliances.
  • There are now boats with electric propulsion using electricity generated in this way, or using hybrid systems using diesel generators to additionally charge batteries for electric propulsion.
  • Some of the electrical installers and suppliers listed separately will also supply and install solar and wind power systems.

Marine wind and solar systems

Mr Batteries

Mr Batteries. A family-run Battery Specialist and Wholesaler with over 23 years of experience offering UK delivery of Batteries, Chargers & related products. Battery brands include Trojan, Victron, Dynamic, & DC power. Also approved Victron Energy and Whisper Power distributors for chargers, inverters & accessories.

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Wind & Solar Energy

12 VoltZ Ltd
Solar, Wind & Low Voltage Accessories
24 Volt
Solar and wind equipment for 24 volt systems
Canalboat Services
Flesh Hovel Ln, Quorn, Loughborough LE12 8FE.
Solar Panel Fitting
Cleversolar UK
Braintree, Essex
Solar energy products and systems for narrowboats and canal barges.
Energy Development Co-operative Limited
Lowestoft, Suffolk
DC Electrics, solar, wind, batteries, inverters
EnviroBoat Developments Ltd
English Lake District
Electric Motive Systems & Solar Panels
Free Solar Energy UK
Solar and Wind Energy for boat owner
Solar Panels and accessories
Genasys Power Systems Ltd
Wind turbines, hydro turbines, PV solar panels, inverters, batteries
KR Solar
Solar systems and products
North East
Solar Wind , Deep Cycle, AGM & Gel Batteries
Midsummer Energy
Solar panels, wind turbines, inverters, batteries and accessories
Mr Batteries
Langport, Somerset (UK Service)
Battery Specialist and Wholesaler. Victron distributor.
01458 781726
Onboard Energy
Solar panels supplied & fitted
Onboard Solar
UK Waterways (liveaboard boater)
Supply and fitting of solar panel systems
Photonic Universe
UK wide
Supply solar panels, solar controllers, batteries and inverters
Raine or Shine Ltd
Solar and Wind Renewable energy equipment and installers
RB Solar Panels,
South Northants
Solar Panels
SCH Marine Limited
North West England
Electrics, Electronics, Internet, Solar & Windpower
Select Solar Ltd
UK wide
Solar power specialists
Southern Solar Ltd
Solar Installers, PV and Solar Hot Water
Sunshine Solar Ltd
Solar Panels
Sustainable Systems
Solar Panels, inverters, wind turbines
Walkable Solar
Whole of UK
Solar energy
Wind & Sun Ltd
Leominster, Herefordshire
Wind and solar power

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