Fens cruise finally succeeds after EA clears silted lock

An IWA Fens campaign cruise has finally gone ahead after having to be cancelled twice due to the state of the waterways.

Fulney lock

The IWA has succeeded in persuading the Environment Agency to de-silt Fulney Lock (above), opening up the route through Spalding and further upstream to the head of navigation on the River Welland. After two cancellations caused by the poor conditions at the lock, an IWA campaign cruise finally took place between 20th and 24th May.

The cruise highlighted the recent improvements to the River Welland, funded by the Lincolnshire Waterways Partnership as part of the Fens Waterways Link project. Fosdyke, Spalding and Crowland are now very worthwhile destinations for slightly more intrepid boaters ahead of the rest of the Fens Waterways Link being completed. Once the Black Sluice Navigation to River Glen connection is in place, access will be even easier.

The cruise dates were carefully planned around the spring high tides to get a sufficient water level at Fulney Lock on the outskirts of Spalding. Cruise organiser, David Pullen (IWA East Midlands Region Chairman), said “Being able to make this long-awaited journey was a great experience and we are talking to EA about how IWA can help prevent Fulney Lock silting up again.“


River Welland

Rhoda Ellen and Bouncin Brass in the Welland channel, note port and starboard channel markers.

There are several slipways already available on the Fens Waterways Link route for trailable boats: at Hubbert’s Bridge on the Black Sluice Navigation, at Fosdyke and Crowland on the River Welland and on the River Glen at Surfleet.

Thanks to the IWA for this report. All photographs by David Pullen.


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