Holiday Top 10s

Our Canal Top Lists consist of a collection of canal happenings from humorous experiences to canal tips, best pubs and places to visit.

Single Handed Canal Boating Top Ten Tips

Canals can be a risky environment for all boaters. But if you are boating single handed then the risks can ...More

Choosing an Accessible canal holiday boat

Canal boat holidays, for a week, short break or just a day trip, are very popular holidays for just about ...More

Family Cooking On Your Holiday Hire Boat

Cruising down the canal on your boat with the family makes for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. While most boats ...More

Top Ten Summer maintenance tips

River Canal Rescue recorded 140 call-outs each week last summer. These summer maintenance tips for boaters based on the ten ...More

Ten eco friendly tips about staying green afloat

Living on a boat can be a very eco friendly way of life, keeping you floating footprint to a minimum! ...More

Ten things you might miss if you’re living afloat

Donna, Mark and Inky moved on to their boat a year ago, they’ve loved their first year afloat as you ...More

Energy Saving in the canal liveaboard galley

One big change when you leave dry land behind to live afloat is you have to become much more fuel efficient. ...More

Choosing a canal holiday – what about Winter?

Choosing a canal holiday means picking the best time to go. Winter canal holidays are one of the best kept holiday ...More

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