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Nicholson Inland Waterways Map of Great Britain


Nicholson Inland Waterways Map of Great Britain

The Collins Nicholson Waterways Guides now have a map companion that covers the vast network of canal and river navigations in England, Scotland, and Wales. It even includes newly restored or opened waterways. For over 50 years, these Nicholson’s Guides, have catered to anyone and everyone with an interest in Britain’s inland waterways. Whether you’re an experienced boater, planning your first boat trip, a walker, cyclist, or visitor, this series of guides is for you.

The map identifies:

  • narrow and broad canals;
  • navigable rivers;
  • tidal river navigations;
  • waterways under construction.


  • contact telephone numbers
  • dimensions for each waterway
  • Internet links
  • insets of the Birmingham Canal Navigations, Scottish inland waterways, the Norfolk Broads and the London area.

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