River Weaver Freight Traffic Sails Away

Future use of the historic Frodsham Wharf on the River Weaver – one of the last to be regularly used on this waterway – is in doubt with the moving of Viaduct Shipping’s discharging operations to Runcorn Docks on the Manchester Ship Canal.

Frodsham WharfThe company operates barges and small coasters carrying imported wheat from Seaforth grain terminal in Liverpool Docks for onward transport to a Manchester mill; taking some 1,800 lorry journeys off the roads each year.

Viaduct Shipping says that in order to deliver the tonnages required by their customer they needed deeper water for
the vessels to operate in and that has resulted in arranging to use Runcorn Docks.

With some improvements, particularly the repair of the Frodsham’s Sutton Weaver swing bridge, which is now in hand, and dredging, the Weaver has considerable potential for the return of regular freight traffic.  Viaduct Shipping is actively  looking at other traffic on the river.

Thanks to Harry Arnold and Waterway Images for this report and image.

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