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London gets moorings & bins, Manchester get paint

Houseboat Camden Town

CRT have been busy in London and in Manchester over the last year, but while one city gets more moorings, ...More

Scottish Canals Crisis as Hire Boat Operator Quits

Falkirk Wheel

There maybe no hire boats on Scottish Canals after 2017 as the main operator says it is being forced to close ...More

London liveaboards strain breakdown services

London houseboats

London RCR engineers on free call outs are often forced to fix badly ‘patched up’ house boats or try to explain ...More

CRT canal boat licensing overdue for renewal?

CRT talking to boaters

Should wide boats pay more than narrow boats, long more than short, movers more than stay at homes, live aboards ...More

Under funded East Anglian Waterways facing closure.

Little Ouse obstruction

The EA may close rivers to navigation on ‘health and safety’ grounds because it can’t get money out of Defra ...More

Hotelboat holidays booking up, a business opportunity?


Hotel Boat holidays are again very popular with lots of new ideas and cruises. Like to run a hotel boat? ...More

London boats ‘explosion’ and infrastucture can’t cope

Regents canal houseboats

Just how many people do now live on London’s waterways, 5,000, 10,000, 15,000? There is no doubt it is a ...More

‘Adrift’ – a life afloat on a London houseboat

Houseboats in London

Living on a boat is no longer a trivial pursuit. Over a quarter of canal boats are now permanent homes ...More

Canal heritage damaged by vandals, boaters, vehicles

Hertford Union graffiti

Vandals cause most acts of damage to canal structures, then boaters and road vehicles, but total is 25% down on ...More

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