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Reliance on dry land

Maybe the best way to preserve an old wooden barge is to pull it up on land, cut a hole in the hull side and let visitors wander through it; better than letting boats rot in the water for shortage of funds. ...More

This Way Please

The heritage and skills invested in a friendly footpath gate by a bridge on the Montgomery Canal lead Tony to consider whether we should allow that much craftsman’s time to be re-invested in a simple gate again ...More

Conserving Conservation

Canal restorations. 'We now know what it will be like, what British Waterways would like it to be like, and what the commercial mind of the hire boat and pleasure boat business will say it has to be like to get their commercial return.' ...More

New Year Retrospective

Canal life 'was a historical traditional way of life being lived on a network of secret water roads, still doing real work'. Tony ponders what has lost to the 'new commercialism'. ...More

Noiseless Roads

So when was this written? “Canal boats and canals we suspect are going fast out of use, and will very shortly give place entirely to railways... ". You might be surprised ...More

Upsetting Applecarts

Where can you go on our increasingly busy canal system and get anything like an accurate flavour of a piece of canal in proper working trim.. ? Tony has a suggestion! ...More

Add-on Art

Tony ponders the New Waterway Art - '... add-on art that seems to be being blue-tacked on to the canals in an attempt to broaden their appeal and make them more like urban parks' ...More

Colours of the Cut

‘Colours of the Cut’ appeared in the inside back cover of the monthly magazine Waterways World from 1987 to 1994. Now there's a new book on its way. ...More

Quick, before it’s too late!

Traditional canal skills are disappearing. What were the day-to-day craft skills; how do you sheet up a narrowboat, run a canal stable, rig a Joey boat mast ...? Sight Seen Partnerships are trying to video the past before even the memories have faded away. ...More

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