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Any Volunteers?

Volunteering. Why do we do it? We undoubtedly get some fun and satisfaction along the way but underlying these personal benefits is the understanding that if we didn’t do it, it probably wouldn’t get done, and the world would be a poorer place. ...More

Canals in the landscape

Tony has been revisiting his 'adolescent ambition to be a painter of the old fashioned sort, an artist painting landscapes and portraits in oils and watercolours' and was led to wonder why canal scenes make such good landscape subjects. Surely not just coincidence. ...More

Peace and Water Lilies

The isolated Welshpool section of the Montgomery Canal sees very little boat traffic. Although restoration is moving south from Maesbury it will be a while before this beautiful stretch is on every hire boater's route like the nearby Llangollen. Tony enjoys it now! ...More

Topcloth and Tippet

Tony goes film making in Birmingham this month, focussing on the precise techniques of sidecloths, topcloths, tippet and topstrings ...More

More poetic rot

I have been given an old cabin door - a very tatty cabin door it has to be said, but one that pleases my soul more than it has any logical right ...More

Hope springing eternal, again.

magazine cover

A new magazine and a new exhibition could be signs of Springtime regeneration on the canal heritage front, but will they be successful? ...More

The Past is just the Prologue


Why canal castles? Why are they painted on canal boats and why is it so important that they should be painted on boats anyway? ...More

More Dehydrated History

A canal without boats and boats out of water – is this a good way to preserve and interpret waterway history? Tony suggest it could be. ...More

Ellesmere Time Warp

Tony doesn't really want to reveal the 'quite extraordinary qualities of an old Shropshire Union waterways maintenance yard'. ...More

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