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Horse drawn boat trips on Montgomery Canal

Countess is one of only half a dozen horse-drawn trip boats in the country, the only one running regular cruises in ...More

Olympic Flame burning high

Over 3000 people watched the restored Shropshire Union Fly-boatSaturn being bow-hauled across 120 foot high World Heritage Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, carrying scout ...More

Ship Canal Cruises

The popular Manchester Ship Canal cruises will again run from National Waterways Museum at Ellesmere Port soon. Read more... ...More

Canal & River Trust launches

On July 12th 2012 2000 miles of canals and rivers which had been managed by British Waterways (and other ...More

The Launch of the Canal and River Trust

The Canal and River Trust launch event for our area was at the Ellesmere maintenance yard in Shropshire which is an architectural gem of a particular idiosyncratic organic order.The invitation to the local worthies and leaders of the local canal societies to visit and explore this historic complex was, hopefully, a statement of intent in itself. ...More

Wonderful Wappenshall

Wappenshall junction is where the ‘new’ line of the Newport branch of the Birmingham and Liverpool Junction Canal joined the old line of the Shrewsbury canal in 1835, all shortly to become part of the Shropshire Union conglomeration.What miraculously survives at Wappenshall is an architectural statement of that transition, a sculptural memory in brick and stone. ...More

Taylors Yard Chester

A transformation is taking place at Taylors Yard in Chester. The old Shropshire Union Canal Company dockyard has at last been let to a new tenant by British Waterways and a long overdue restoration and reclamation has begun.Good news then? Well, yes, but it is a process that is viewed with a tangle of feelings by some of us that have been campaigning for the preservation of this very historic canal boatyard for years and years. ...More

Art on the Canals

There are eighteen separate pieces of art sited around Ellesmere at present with more to come later this year. They all, therefore, impact on the canal environment in some way and therefore have relevance to those of us whose prime concern is with the historic canal heritage. Are they a good thing or a bad thing -- do they help or hinder understanding or appreciation? Hmm, big questions. ...More

Looking back on a canal life

Tony wonders if canal restoration has worked. "In the sense that the water channel for pleasure boat use has been preserved and extended then canal restoration has been a great success. However the preservation of the traditions, knowledge and skills of the old reality is another matter, the things that made canals special in the first place.". ...More

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