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Mooring advice for 200 new liveaboards

Canal Mooring

If you are one of the many people tempted to start living a mobile life afloat on our canals then ...More

HS2 crashes on as canal deckchairs get rearranged

Canalside at Fradley before HS2

The way in which HS2 will shatter the peace of many of our canals’ precious quiet and natural spaces must now be clear ...More

Has CRT the skills to work with liveaboard boaters?

Summer liveaboards

It looks like the Canal and River Trust is finding the growing numbers of liveaboard boaters difficult people to handle. ...More

Hurleston locks pinch point may get shaved.

Hurleston Bottom Lock

A canal lock which has trapped many narrow boats and stopped them from cruising the Llangollen Canal may be ‘shaved’ to ...More

Broads tolls limited to inflation to help boaters

Norfolk Broads

Boaters and hire firms on the Broads will get toll increases in line with inflation in 2014 to limit the ...More

CRT backtracks on business boat licence fee changes

canal day hire boat

Plans to increase licence fees for commercial craft have been scrapped, after hire firms said they might put them and ...More

K&A backtracking, Aldermaston to Wooten Rivers


We’ve been staying for a couple of weeks at Aldermaston Marina on the K&A which has given us the ...More

Moorers to be evicted from ‘free’ moorings in Bath

River Avon Bath

Boat owners on ‘free’ moorings on the River Avon in the centre of Bath have been told to move ...More

CRT finds extra £2m for maintenance this winter

Woodseaves Cutting

An extra £2 million will be spent on key waterway maintenance projects by the Canal & River Trust (CRT) during ...More

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