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Will £14M really restore the Montgomery canal?

‘£16 Million Funding Announced to Restore the Montgomery Canal’ a headline proclaimed. Sadly even these useful millions (actually £13.9M) from ...More

Closed locks will be locked again over winter

Locks on closed North and North West canals which were temporarily reopened over the October half term to allow limited ...More

Highest ever canal boat breakdown callouts

Boat breakdowns, frequently caused by fuel issues or lack of maintenance, probably reached their highest level ever in 2022. River ...More

So what have canals ever done for us?

What would you say if someone asks you ‘What have canals ever done for us?’. The IWA has produced a ...More

‘Perfect storm’ causes closures and groundings

Years of reduced rainfall, summer drought and faulty dams are resulting in a ‘perfect storm’ of lock and canal closures ...More

Boat licence fees shock extra 4% rise

CRT boat licence fees will rise in October by an additional 4% on top of the 4% April rise to ...More

Water shortage crisis closes more canals

The Leeds and Liverpool Canal will have lock flights closed from July 18th and the Rochdale Canal and Kennet and ...More

Macclesfield & Peak Forest locks closed

Lock flights on the Macclesfield & Peak Forest canals will be closed from June 24th, so no through passage for ...More

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