New ratchet windlass helps take the strain

Stiff lock paddles can cause problems for the fittest boaters but now there is a new ratcheted windlass which aims to make the job easier. Windlasses with ratchets to help raise paddles have been around for a few years but this one also has a traditional fixed socket for lowering the paddle.

Ratchet windlassLong standing friends and Leicestershire narrowboat enthusiasts, Peter Cartwright and Kevin Harding have joined forces to develop and launch a new ratchet windlass. Known as the ‘GoWindlass’ it has been designed to make the winding (opening and closing) of lock paddles much easier.

This lightweight windlass, weighing just under a kilogram, has been designed with a reversible ratchet for raising the paddles and a separate integral socket for lowering them.

Kevin Harding stated, “It can be really physically demanding raising the lock paddles with a conventional windlass, especially if you find have difficulty with the 360 degree rotational action required or have limited upper limb strength. The ratcheting action of the GoWindlass eliminates this rotational requirement and optimises the winding angle for the user, making it much easier to raise the paddles.”

The duo have designed and developed the windlass over the last year and the product is now available for the public to buy. Recently tested by other boaters, GoWindlass is said to be proving to be very popular.

For further information on where to buy this innovative new windlass visit or call the team on 07434987281.


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