Cut locking effort with a cut price ratchet Windlass!

Winding lock paddles can be very hard work. A ratchet windlass at an October 40% discount could make boating easier!

The GO Windlass has proved popular over the last couple of years with its ratchet action making most canal lock paddles easier to operate. Combining a ratchet (for raising sluices with leverage) with a fixed socket (for controlled lowering of sluices) it enables boaters to apply optimum leverage for their given personal stature and for the given lock.

GOWindlass have number of these Revolving Handle Windlasses that due to slight scratches, marks or production imperfections (e.g. blotchy chrome) are being discounted during October. Their sale items normally get snapped up at the Crick boat show but of course this year’s event was cancelled.

GowindlassThe GO Windlass is a Canal Lock Key designed to ease the operating of lock paddles on the inland waterways across England and Wales. It is a ratchet windlass with an assured action which is strong, easy to use and is designed to fit standard tapered spindles on the inland waterways. The windlass has a reversible ratcheted socket for raising lock paddles which allows a pump action, and a separate integral socket for controlling the descent.

When raising a canal lock with a conventional windlass, applying considerable effort is often required in all leveraging positions. Using the GOWindlass completely eliminates the need to rotate the windlass through 360 degrees and allows you to pump the handle whilst standing in an upright position. We all have different stature and each lock we come across may be laid out differently, the GO Windlass is designed to let you position yourself in the most optimum way.

All the B-Grade Windlasses are new, unused and checked to be in perfect working order. The company also now offer Gift Vouchers.

Available now online and more information at

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