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Life aboard with Donna, Mark and Inky (their greyhound)

Donna, Mark and Inky (their greyhound) recently took the giant leap of giving up their cosy three bedroomed life on dry land, disposing of years of accumulated 'stuff', to become 'Liveaboards'; and they are going to keep us up to date with their experiences. Make sure you read their very informative and amusing Liveaboards' Blog.

A Quad of Canal Junctions plus a Pantomime dock

Making a short detour from the Trent and Mersey we popped onto the Staffs and Worcs Canal as Tixal Wide ...More

The Potteries and Beyond, southbound for Winter

Mooring out of Harecastle tunnel is best at the rather scenic Westport Lake where we squeezed in so as not ...More

Harecastle Tunnel & Absent Apparition

Apart from domestic familiarity with the boat and increasing confidence in actually getting it to move where we want it ...More

The Leaving of Llangollen … & Middlewich

We reluctantly crawled away from the Llangollen after revisiting Ellesmere for further jollies: a trip (in a motor vehicle!) to ...More

Cruising the Llangollen and Montgomery canals

Well, we made it on to the Langollen (‘The Welsh’ as I am reliably informed by a real insider) and ...More

Heading north up the Shropshire Union

And the winner of the best narrow boat name so far goes to … Sally Slapcabbage! Take a bow Miss ...More

Liveaboards Back on the Cut Again!

It’s been a long hibernation. We have kept our spirits up with dumplings and beer but perhaps the salad ...More

K&A backtracking, Aldermaston to Wooten Rivers

We’ve been staying for a couple of weeks at Aldermaston Marina on the K&A which has given us the ...More

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