Working Boat, An Introduction to Midland Canal Carriers 1770-1845


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Working Boat, An Introduction to Midland Canal Carriers 1770-1845

“Working Boat, An Introduction to Midland Canal Carriers 1770-1845” focuses on the story of merchandise boats, which were essential in merchandise trade before the development of a national railway network. Flyboats were a specialized type of boat that operated both day and night until their journey was complete, serving as the express boats of the time.

The canals in Central England were designed for a specific type of boat that could navigate the narrow locks of the network.

These boats were typically up to seventy feet long but less than seven feet wide, with most of the space used for cargo. A raised platform was provided at one end for the steerer to navigate the boat through the waterway. Cabins were available, but they were usually small.

Mineral boats lacked any shelter, while merchandise boats had well-built, dry cabins for overnight stays.

Flyboat operators provided regular services with scheduled precision and stopped at specific points along an advertised route. Wharves and warehouses became the goods depots of their time for the transfer and storage of various commodities taken along the waterway by flyboat operators. In addition to flyboats, slower stageboats called at all minor places and wharves, acting as feeder services for the flyboats. This book serves as an introduction to the flyboat and stageboat story.

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