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Guilt Trip


Guilt Trip

John T Ackroyd was born in Castleford, a Yorkshire town situated at the confluence of the Aire and Calder Rivers. These rivers were vital for transporting coal from the Yorkshire coal fields to Goole and other parts of the world. Growing up, Jonty was fascinated by the boats, especially the tugs and coal boats. He dreamed of becoming a tug driver but being of small build in a tough neighborhood, he joined a boxing club to gain strength and stamina.

One day, his knowledge of boats and physical strength came together when he helped a docker who had fallen into a collier under 40 tons of coal, followed by a further 800 tons. Jonty quickly left the scene but regretted his actions. As he drove his Tug No 7 back to the depot, he reflected on his life and felt remorseful. He realized that he had taken a Guilt Trip due to his mistake.

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