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Canal Boat Steering – How to Move Your Boat


Canal Boat Steering – How to Move Your Boat

Are you interested in learning how to steer a canal boat or improve your current technique? If you’ve struggled to get started, especially with reversing or turning, don’t worry – you simply haven’t learned how to do it yet. This pocketbook is filled with detailed information on how to get started or enhance your existing skills. Janul provides real-time guidance and shares techniques she’s learned over years of leisure boating and commercial steering. The author takes extra care to help readers understand why many people struggle with these skills.

For beginners, there is basic instruction on “how to” and exercises to help you get started. You’ll also find technical information and explanations for why people may do things differently. And for those who have experience but want to polish their skills, there are plenty of tips and exercises to improve on those tricky manoeuvres. The book includes nine pages of hints and exercises specifically focused on the dreaded reverse.

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