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Canals were originally built in the 18th and 19th centuries to transport coal and other heavy goods across the country. These waterways provided a fast and reliable mode of transportation that connected major cities and towns when roads were still tracks and railways hadn’t been built.

This was a crucial part of the Industrial Revolution, as it allowed for the mass production of goods and the growth of industry. The canals were able to carry large quantities of goods quickly, efficiently and relatively cheaply, making them an essential part of the transportation network.

As firstly the railways and then road haulage took over the transportation of goods, the trade slowly declined although it still played an important role up until the 1950s. Today there is hardly any transportation of goods over the UK canals and the network is mainly used for pleasure. But that is not to say that some use cases couldn’t be developed in the future providing an alternative, environmentally friendly and green form of goods transportation.

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