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Canal structures including bridges, aqueducts, tunnels, locks, and boat lifts, are an essential part of the canal system. The construction of these structures requires careful planning, engineering, and design to ensure their safety and longevity. Today, canal systems continue to provide a vital mode of transportation for goods and people in the UK.

Spectacular aqueducts were built to carry canals over valleys, roads, and other waterways; and seemly endless tunnels that allow canals to pass through hills or other obstacles. Locks are crucial components of canal structures as they help boats to navigate water level changes. They enable boats to be raised or lowered to match the water level on either side of the lock. Boats enter the lock and the water level is adjusted accordingly before the lock gate opens to allow the boat to continue its journey. Boat lifts are another type of canal structure used for lifting boats vertically between different sections of a canal. They operate like elevators and can move boats up or down several meters in just a few minutes.

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