Canal hire family firms on our Top Ten Canal Rings

Hiring a boat to cruise around a circular Canal Ring is probably what most a lot us think as our perfect canal holiday. We’ve put together our ‘Top Ten Canal Rings’ with routes and indications of things to see and estimates of duration.

A Canal Ring canal holiday has the advantage that you don’t see the same place twice, but can be more challenging simply because you must get the boat back on time; on an ‘Out and Back’ canal holiday it’s easy, just turn around half way through the week! For the more experienced boater circular ring routes have more of a sense of adventure than ‘out and back again’ cruising routes. But many boaters really enjoy the challenge of getting the boat back on time, and don’t mind boating long hours when necessary.

Canal hire family firms on our Top Ten Canal Rings

The Avon Ring & Droitwich Ring

The Avon Ring takes at least one week. It includes the River Severn, the River Avon, the Stratford Canal and the Worcester and Birmingham Canal.

The Birmingham Ring

The Birmingham Ring offers a choice of many optional loops through the Birmingham Canal Navigations taking from a few days to a week or more.

The Black Country Ring

The Black Country Ring takes at least one week. It includes a canal loop through Staffordshire and optional routes through the Birmingham Canal Navigations.

The Cheshire Ring

The Cheshire Ring is a popular one-week cruising route which includes the Cheshire Plain, the city and suburbs of Manchester and the Pennine Hills.

The Four Counties Ring

The Four Counties Ring is probably the most popular cruising ring, it can be covered in a week but two weeks will allow more relaxation and exploration.

The Leicester Ring

The Leicester Ring takes two weeks on two rivers plus wide canals and narrow canals through some fine East Midlands countryside.

The Pennine Rings

The Pennine Rings are for those crews who like hard work! Allow at least 2 weeks for the shortest South Pennine Ring and 3 weeks or more for the longer rings.

The Stourport Ring & Stourbridge Ring

The Stourport Ring can be cruised in a week and includes the River Severn and narrow canals. The short Droitwich Ring can be done in a couple of days.

The Thames Ring

The Thames Ring takes three weeks at least and includes the Oxford and Grand Union Canals as well as the River Thames.
Over 200 miles and over 160 locks!

The Warwickshire Ring

The Warwickshire Ring can be cruised in one week but with places like Warwick, Leamington Spa and Stratford upon Avon to explore two weeks is better!

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