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Canal Days Out & Canal Attractions

You don’t need to have a week spare and lots of sunshine to enjoy our canals.
Visiting the canals is a great way to escape, and there are a large number of places and activities for all the family and friends to enjoy for a day or for just a few hours, many open all year round.

  • A wide range of canalside attractions, visitor centres and museums for a family day out.
  • Take a different canal holiday with lots to do by staying in a canalside cottage or hotelboat.
  • Self drive day hire canal boats for a day out with friends and a taste of canal boat hire.
  • Skippered trip boats offer short scheduled cruises or chartered cruises for a whole party.
  • Restaurant boats usually combine a canal cruise with an onboard meal.
  • Canal pubs are a great place to relax with friends, whether you have been boating or not!
Canal Boat Trips

Canal Boat Trips

  • Trip Boats

    Canal trip boats are great when you'd like a short canal trip for a few hours with a skipper, crew with usually a commentary and refreshments available. Most canal trip boats run 'Public Trips' which depart at regular times and you don't need to book. Some offer charter trips where you must book the boat for your party.

Day hire Canal boats

Day hire Canal Boats

  • Day Hire Canalboats

    You can hire a self-drive narrowboat for a just day or an evening. We've got listings of over 30 day hire narrowboat companies right across the canal system. Some day hire boats can take up to 12 passengers and usually have cooking and toilet facilities, but no beds of course! You don't need any licence.

Canal Restaurant Boats

Restaurant Boats

  • Canal Restaurant Boats

    Canal restaurant boats usually offer good dining whilst enjoying a short canal cruise. In most cases bookings must be made in advance, sometimes choosing your meal from the menu as well. Most restaurant boats operate in the evenings, some also offer lunchtime dining. Sometimes the boat will stay moored.

Visitor Attractions

Visitor Attractions

  • Canal Visitor Attractions

    Canalside attractions range from canal visitor centres, heritage sites and waterways museums to canalside holiday homes and canal gift and canalware shops. As well as canalside attractions there's lots more to do and see near our canals; golf courses, nature reserves, castles, stately homes & gardens.

Canal Pubs & Eating

Canal Pubs & Eating

  • Canal Eating & Drinking

    Canal pubs and inns seem to be every few miles along the canals, evidence of what thirsty and hungry work canals were, and still are! Pubs make popular stopping places, many have convenient moorings close to hand. And canal pubs and restaurants mean you don't need to do all your catering on board.

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