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We provide holiday exchange listings free of charge provided they involve UK canal boats. If you are looking to exchange a few weeks on your UK canal boat for a stay in a house around the world, or you’ve got a wonderful house and would like to sample UK canals, we will include you in our listings without charge. Just give us the details below, and we’ll confirm inclusion.

Photos do help! You can upload up to 6 – although we can only include 4 on the website.

Please let us know when you want your listing removed. We will remove any listing when it has expired, usually within 6 months or after the planned holiday period.

Please read the information below carefully before completing the form.


Please read these conditions carefully, by sending us your listing request you have accepted these conditions.

1. Any arrangement you make or information you provide is entirely your own responsibility.
2. We only list private holiday exchanges which involve UK based canal boats.
3. By 'private' we mean exchanges between individuals, not companies, involving property owned by those individuals.
4. By 'holiday' we mean short fixed term exchanges, not permanent exchanges.
5. By 'UK canal boat' we mean a privately owned boat based on English, Welsh or Scottish canals or rivers.
6. We do not include free links to other websites within free listings.
7. We reserve the right to refuse any listing, or to remove any free listing, at any time without giving reasons. See our Terms & Conditions.

We have seen it suggested that putting your email address on a popular website may lead to an increase in incoming spam email.
If you are worried about this we suggest you set up a temporary email address, possibly a free one with HotMail or GoogleMail etc, and only use it for your exchange listing. You can then close that address when you have found your exchange.

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Please include some photos to enhance your listing. You can upload upto 6 - but we can only use 4 on the website.

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