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Social media is a expanding platform that has grown in popularity over the past couple of years. Facebook has over 500 million active members. Twitter has over 175 million active users with 95 million daily tweets. The power and potential of social networking is huge and presents a marketing an opportunity that shouldn't be missed.








Thanks to the Internet we now live in an interconnected world. Social Media applications like Facebook and Twitter are providing new business opportunities and new ways to reach and interact with your potential customers. We all know how powerful personal recommendations are, with this extra communications power ordinary people's opinions and reviews have never been so accessible. People log on to their social networking accounts on a daily basis at their leisure, what better a place to reach them!

Social networking enables a powerful form of 'viral marketing'. 'Sharing' spreads information like a virus, people share information they find useful, entertaining or relevant with their friends or followers. 20 people share the message with 20 of their friends, who in turn share it with 20 of their friends, a potential audience already of 8000 people!

The Importance of Social Media

Social media is an important new marketing opportunity that shouldn't be ignored. Many waterways companies, including British Waterways, APCO and Canal Junction, are already involved.

Some important features of social media are:

• It reaches a wide demographic, from young to old, people from all walks of life.
• It can reach new potential customers who may not know about canals.
• It is a more subtle method of advertisement, not automatically thrown in the bin or deleted.
• People increasingly value the opinions of their peers, and distrust marketing spiel.
• You can reach mobile customers who use mobile phones.
• You can gather and present positive reviews of your company, and counter any negative ones.
• Viral marketing is much cheaper than most other forms of advertising with potentially unlimited views.

How does Social Media work?

Social media is completely user generated. Users log in to communicate and share with their friends, businesses become able to share and communicate with their customers and reach out to new potential clients. You can share your latest offers, advice and general information about your company with your contacts and create a more personal approach.

  • What we can offer

It may sound complicated, but all you really want to do is encourage people to tell their friends nice things about you! You obviously do those nice things already, we can help you tell the world about it!

We offer 3 packages to help you get involved in the social web:

The Basics

We can add "Like" and "Tweet" buttons to your pages, allowing people to share your website on social media, no accounts required. When we manage your site we'll do that as part of our management fee.

Getting you involved

We can create and set up social media profiles for you, and gear them up to help you get going, tailored to your potential client base. So you can have your own company Facebook page, and start Twittering your own Tweets! All this will raise your social media profile.

Social Media Management

We offer a Social Media management package where we take care of all the hard work saving you heaps of time. This is our best package actively promoting your website across a range of different social media platforms in turn increasing your customer potential and visitor numbers. Our services include: Profile Creation and management, Social Integration, Social Promotion, Social Bookmarking and Content Creation. All of which tie in to promoting your site on the search engines. We can custom tailor our package to suit your needs.

Social Media can help bring more customers to your site, get you more customers and build on customer relationships improving your companies image. Now is the time for social media, the sooner you can get started the better.

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5 Social Media "Dos"

  • 1. Communicate with your customers.

  • 2. Promote your services in a friendly polite manner.

  • 3. Give people a bit of an inside view. ("Today we launch a new boat.")

  • 4. Interact openly in groups, discussions related to your niche.

  • 5. Provide useful and helpful assistance and information.

  • 6. Encourage people to tell their friends if they like what you are offering. And as the old saying also goes, make it easy for them to tell you first if they have any problems!

5 Social Media "Don'ts"

  • 1. Spam people with blatant advertising, subtlety is key.

  • 2. Commit to writing regular posts and then not make the time to do them.

  • 3. Ignore customer questions.

  • 4. Post unrelated content such as Facebook "games" and "gifts".

  • 5. Make any comments, or provide any information, you might later regret. Internet content can have a long 'shelf life' and come back to haunt you in future! (Sorry about the mixed metaphors!)

  • 6. Be over the top with updates, no body wants to know what you're doing every 30 seconds, no matter how popular you are!


One great social media tool to Implement in to your site is the Facebook "Like" button. When a visitor clicks the "Like" button on your website it appears on their wall. (Persons Name) likes (Your Website) which is displayed to all of their friends, spreading your website across the social web.


A few popular Social Media terms

In 140 characters users can "tweet" messages, received by followers. If you get a following of people who are interested in canal holidays you could easily and immediately tell them you have a boat available for hire at short notice.
Users create profiles to connect with their friends and things of interest. Businesses can create Pages to promote their business where users can interact and get updates from the companies. This helps to give the company a 'human face'.
A networking site for professionals. Professionals make profiles and connect to one another and make business connections through recommendations and networking. APCO has a LinkedIn group.
A massive video sharing website, share your videos getting feedback. There are lots of canal holiday videos on YouTube.
Articles and blogs
Writing articles or regular 'blogs' about your specialist area can greatly improve your search engine rankings. They can help generate interest in your website.


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