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A new book by Mike Clarke & Sam Yates on Northern Canal History and Folk Art

A new book on Northern Canal History and Folk Art
Published May 2009

Traditional Paintwork on Leeds & Liverpool Canal Boats

ISBN 0-9519236-2-5
17cm x 24cm landscape, 88 pages
60 colour and 80 b&w photos, 30 colour and 21 line drawings, 1 map.
Published by:
Milepost Research, 8 Green Bank, Barnoldswick, BB18 6HX.
Tel: 01282 850430; Email:

The painted decoration of working boats on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal was one of the most colourful of Britainís folk traditions. It was last used in the early 1960s, but despite being less than fifty years ago, no record of its origins and styles had been written until now. The two authors could not be more suitable ó Mike Clarke has already written extensively about the canalís history, while Sam Yates served his time as a boat builder at Hodsonís Boatyard at Whitebirk, near Blackburn, and undertook the decorative painting for several years before boat repair at the yard ceased in 1964.

The book looks at the variation between the traditions in Lancashire and Yorkshire. It then considers the traditionís origins through boat, church and house decoration across Europe, comparing them to what was found on the canal. Finally, paint work at Hodsons boatyard is described in detail, along with details from other yards on the canal, with examples of the designs and colours used. After reading this book, it should be possible for the tradition to be better appreciated and, hopefully, used on the canal today.

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