Canal and River Working Boats and Barges

Canal boats, river barges and canal barges of England and the UK - written and illustrated by Tony Lewery.

canal narrowboats


Canal boats built small enough to travel through the interconnecting Midland waterways.

Fellows Morton Clayton general canal carriers.

Bulk liquid carriers.

Joey day boats & Birmingham Canal Navigation Tugs.

Mersey Weaver flats

Barges & River Craft

Short Boats, fourteen foot beam with round or transom sterns.

Mersey 'flats', deep sided barges about seventy feet long by fourteen feet wide made for estuary work.

Maintenance boats, spoon dredgers, hoppers and icebreakers.

Canal Heritage


Severn Trows and grain barges.

Thames sailing barges and horse drawn barges.

Norfolk Wherries and Fenland Lighters, wind or man powered.

Humber Keels with leeboards & a big square-rigged sail.

Caring for canals

Horse Drawn Boats

A horse pulling a barge is an extremely efficient form of transport.

It needs two people to work a horse drawn boat, one to steer and the other to drive the horse.

The actual work of keeping a loaded boat moving is not particularly hard.

Canal lino print

Canal & River Boat Bibliography

Brief bibliography of canal and river Craft.

Book with illustrations & photos of traditional working boat liveries.

Brightwork was the East Lancashire boatyard term for their decorative paintwork, the subject of a new book.

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